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Linea Pelle

5th Avenue Design Showroom

Linea Pelle ask: design their 5th Avenue buyers showroom to showcase some of the finest leather belts and bags in the fashion industry. Create a brand-on space combining their love of  custom craftsmanship and fashion-forward aesthetic.


 Art Director



Hi, I’m Ben and I help bring brands to life. I’m an Art + Creative Director specializing in experiential design. Let's work together.


We were asked to breathe new life to the Linea Pelle buyers showroom New York City's 5th Avenue. The renovation project involved bringing down walls and creating an open, airy, & elevated space befitting this LA-based brand.



We concepted + designed a swivel-slat wall as bookends of the newly enlarged open-concept space to allow for maximized merchandising capabilities from season to season.

Additionally, we utilized their leathers to update display tables to create cohesion and further entwine the space to the brand.

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