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Spread The Love

Tito's ask: concept + design an experiential campaign to encourage people to give back to their local communities. The activation occurred at The Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC.  Hundreds of attendees participated and became part of the 'Love, Tito's' movement.


 Creative Director


The Participation Agency

How Tito's Showed the Love at Governors


The goal of Tito’s Spread The Love is to turn spirits into love, make the world a better place, and get involved. Local charities partnered with brand to raise funds + engagement. I was drawn the idea of creating meaningful accountability so devised a ‘Future Selves’ time capsule concept.


Weekly social posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pre-activation including the charity partners motivated compassion, sparked curiosity and created buzz. After capturing commitments, real time donation match and growth posted during and after the activation allowed guests to see their cumulative commitments further driving engagement & amplifying the 'Love, Tito's' ethos.



Participants made a video pledge for positive changes they'd like to make within the next year. The output (MP4 or GIF) would allow for instant sharing. And a year later they would receive their pledge via email to gauge how they did creating meaningful interaction  between brand and consumer.

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