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Interior Client

Westchester Colonial

Client ask: design their 1811 colonial farmhouse living room. Create a warm + inviting space that blends their Boho-chic aesthetic with the timeless style of the historic home – and make it child-friendly in anticipation their first child.


 Art Director




Our Clients had just gotten married when she had a dream of a white farmhouse upstate with a little girl playing barefoot in the backyard. That weekend they went and saw the literal house of her dreams and placed an offer. A week later they discovered it had been accepted and that they were pregnant with their first child. 


Utilizing a soothing color palate, we created an inviting + elevated space reflective of the couple's personalities. A plush + oversized armchair anchored the reading nook while art from their travels together created a chic + minimal gallery wall.

Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallpaper with a metallic sheen adorned the wall adding reflective light. A custom tufted sectional offered ample seating. All told, it was an auspicious beginning for the new and growing family.

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